Leadership & the Power of Perspective

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The most self aware leaders recognize that perspective is one of the most valuable assets they bring to their role. The most gifts leaders, whether they would describe it this way or not, all use the power of perspective to be more effective and successful. How do these truly creative leaders thinK?  What mindsets do they possess that other do not?  What separates the good leaders from the truly transformational? That will be the subject of my keynote at NDPC in two days.

Educators Creed

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I resolve to take full responsibility for my classroom and the students
who reside in this school.

I will not burn out. It has been said that a teacher is like a candle, slowing burning away in order to give light to others. I will shatter this myth by not burning out before the students I lead. Daily taking measures to insure my health and well-being.

I will identify individual strengths. Over time, we have falsely assumed the goal of education is to create well-rounded students. I will confront this false assumption by leading this generation toward their unique gifts and strengths. Still nurturing their weaknesses, but celebrating the strength of who they are.

I will challenge this generation. Self-esteem is now being taken to the point of sheltering failure. I will inspire my students to seek challenge over comfort. I will teach them to understand the critical role failure plays in their future success.

I will leverage the power of spoken word. I will replace gossip with validation toward my students and colleagues.

I will celebrate. The current educational system has produced a hierarchy of subjects that now misleads our youth. I will celebrate, encourage, and praise their achievement irregardless of subject area.

I will. . .

Lead my students to be prudent.

Challenge them to seek wisdom.

Respect them for who they are.

Influence them to offer forgiveness.

I will teach these qualities in the most effective manner I know how. By accepting this challenge to model them myself.

Boss vs. Leader – Which One Are You?

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I’m sure we’ve all experienced both the “boss” and the “leader”. The only question is, which one are you?

A boss tells others what to do.
A leader shows other how to do it.

A boss keeps his hands clean.
A leader gets his hands dirty.

The words of a boss sound like a hammer.
The words of a leader feel like a magnet.

A boss says “I” did it.
A leader says “WE” did it.

A boss frustrates.
A leader inspires.

A boss is driven by the profit.
A leader is driven by the purpose.

A boss often times puts strategy before vision.
A leader defines vision before strategy.

A boss will try to be a leader.
A leader will rarely try to be a boss.

A boss has employees.
A leader has sold out team members, tribes, and disciples.

How DUCK DYNASTY was “Bored” to Greatness

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Willie Robertson is clearly the main character of A&E’s hit show Duck Dynasty, but he is not the founder of the dynasty; he’s the heir apparent. The leader of the family and of the business is Phil Robertson, Willie’s dad, the Duck Commander himself.

Like most overnight successes, Phil’s rise to the top of the duck call business took decades. And often times, required what many would perceive as some pretty “boring” stuff. Grinding out duck calls one by one in an old shed…boring. Driving around town selling duck calls out of your truck…boring. Making videos like the one below, many would say “boring”, “boring”, “boring”.

The truth is, “becoming” great at anything in life is a boring process. “Being” great, however, is fun.

Most people with a pulse have a desire to “be” great at something. Everyone wants to reap the benefits that come with greatness. Deep down, all of us would admit we like the attention, crave the awards and appreciate a pat on the back.