The SecretTo Your Success

Through my experience launching ministries and consulting in the for-profit and non-profit world, I discovered something interesting. Every influential and financially sustainable ministry is built on the same foundation. Every single one! Discover clarity in these areas and the sky is the limit!
  • AUDIENCE - Who is God Calling you to Serve?
  • MESSAGE - What is your Ministry to Message to the world?
  • SERVICE - What practical problems do you solve?
  • MINISTRY - How will you minister to your people?
  • REVENUE - What is the method for consistent revenue?

You. Built for Ministry

To reach a unique and diverse world, we must raise up leaders to minister in unique and diverse ways. GOD DREAM University is the learning experience built to do just that. Walk through the entire GOD DREAM curriculum at your own pace and join me each week for new teaching and encouragement ever step of the way.
  • 7 Module Online Training Program
  • Over 30 instructional videos to bring your ministry to life!
  • Tools, PDF's and so much more foster learning & application.
  • Once a month Live Q & A group-call with Bob Upgren

Let’s do this!

Online Success Path

  • The importance of ministry being an inside-out process.
  • God Dream vs You Dream Checklist
  • 5 Steps to Finding your God Dream
  • The one place where lasting ministry always begins. Get this wrong and nothing else matters.
  • Understand why a transformation statement is so important.
  • Learn the two formulas to build your transformation states.
  • Clarify the pain your audiences feels and the solution your ministry provides.
  • How to define the exact people God is calling you to serve.
  • How to "hang your hat" using the activity + audience framework.
  • Learn what the Ministry funnel is and how to apply it to your ministry.
  • Discover your ministry platform and create a program people get excited about.
  • How to create your "proprietary process" and ministry framework.
  • Why serving a practical need sets the stage for a spiritual solution.
  • The 4 components to a clear Ministry Message.
  • Why a crystal clear Ministry Message is crucial to your success.
  • Construct belief statements that clarify how you serve people. 
  • The Key to discovering your "origin story".
  • How to communicate the gospel through your unique ministry.
  • 5 Types of revenue-generating models for ministry.
  • How to find financial partners to support your mission.
  • The process of a one-to-on financial ask.
  • Let's raise the first $5,000 for your mission

So How About It?

Have you felt God whispering to you? Is there a dream you can’t stop thinking about? If so, then GOD DREAM University is for you.
  • 7 Module Online Training Program
  • Over 30 videos or teaching & training to bring your ministry to life!
  • Tools, PDF's and so much more foster learning & application.
  • Once a month Live Q & A group-call with Bob Upgren
By the time we’re done, you will have a workable Ministry Model and be equipped to make the dream God has placed on your heart a reality. Get ready to make an impact like never before.



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